The most important thing to know about me as a developer, and human is that I act accordingly.

I care about the type and quality of work, I’m putting out intro the word. It’s important that I believe in the motivations and goals of the projects. I’ve plenty of practical skills and experience, but the quality of is what makes a great developer.

Programming is a means to an end, by that I mean I think, plan, make strategy and start coding the project. I’ve ideas and want to see them come to life. I use code to make these ideas to reality. I push my self to learn new languages, frameworks and platforms. No language is off limits and I don’t shy away from learning difficult concepts. Development technologies are in constant flux and love it.

What I know like the back of my hand

  • HTML

    The backbone of the web. Accessibility and semantics are more important today than ever.

  • CSS

    Responsive by default. My default preprocessor is Sass, but also I using Less.

  • JavaScript

    Been writing because ‘DHTML’ days are today. I’ve spent hours studying for building UI with React.js.

  • Node.js

    Been playing with it since beta versions. I using for build small web sites and applications or use it to push boundaries.

  • .NET/C#

    My prefered platform and language for software development. I’ve exellence experience in develop web applications with ASP.NET.

What I know enough to get the job done

  • Python

    Love its syntax and packages. Spent quality time with programming Rasperry Pi devices.

  • Go

    Latest acquisition. Fast and flexible language built by Google. I look forward to using it more.

About this site

No CMS was harmed during the making of this site. I decided early on that it just wasn’t necessary. I built simply markdown blog-engine with Node.js for serve content and PostCSS for push boundaries.

For web server I prefer NGINX a go. I really enjoy working with it. I find configuration to be much more straight-forward than Apache, ant it just feels lighter and faster.